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Our Team

Welcome to the Electrochemical Research, Technology, & Engineering Group (3463) at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Our group develops advanced energy storage and power technologies for both aerospace and terrestrial applications, including:


  • Synthesis and characterization of high specific energy electrode materials for lithium ion batteries
  • Development and testing of wide temperature, high voltage, low flammability lithium-ion battery electrolyte systems
  • Development of high specific energy/wide temperature primary battery technologies
  • Transition of advanced materials to prototype cells, for testing and infusion into flight applications
  • Battery performance modeling
  • Delivery of primary, rechargeable and thermal flight batteries to robotic spacecraft missions, including operations support

Fuel Cells

  • Advanced proton exchange membrane, alkaline membrane and direct methanol fuel cell components and systems
  • Electrolyzer development and testing
  • Regenerative fuel cell system design and testing
  • Advanced, high efficiency catalyst development


  • Development of wide temperature double-layer and asymmetric supercapacitors
  • Development of high voltage and wide temperature supercapacitor electrolyte systems
  • Design and testing of hybrid battery/supercapacitors for Cubesat missions
  • Transition of technologies to industry


  • Development of electronic nose technology for chemical sensing
  • Transition of technology to human spaceflight
  • Air and water monitoring for human space exploration

Contact Information

Will West

Phone: (818) 393-2674

Electrochemical Research, Technology, & Engineering Group